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We are excited to announce our 2020 Fall/Winter 2021 Summer Evaluations. We welcome the regions top Boys and Girls to Roseville Minnesota in August.

As the longest running club program in the state we are excited to meet and coach student athletes with dedication towards the sport of lacrosse. Our program has had the privilege to work with and lead the regions youth for nearly 20 years! We dedicate our time to offer the largest amount of lacrosse training opportunities in the region. Student athletes have the option to participate in fall lacrosse, box, LTC Strength, Elite Training Sessions, and compete in national and regional elite recruitment showcases and tournaments.

Tryouts are an opportunity for our program and staff to tryout for you. Please take your time to research what our program offers and compare your options. We are confident with that research that you will find the best option for you as a student athlete and we look forward to seeing you at tryouts!

  • Overview

    Evaluations will take place for the following programs. Athletes will have the option to participate in the seasonal programming. Upon registration participants will be able to select those seasonal options that they will be evaluated for. 

    At the event athletes will be given a number for grading and evaluation. Coaches will evaluate and SELECT players based upon skill, desire, athleticism, potential and overall impression. Coaches will select and notify players in a prompt fashion after tryouts. Selected athletes will be given the opportunity to lock in their position in the program with an invite and commitment procedure registration.

    Individuals are highly encouraged to attend both dates. Two dates are offered to work around conflicts and travel arrangements especially for outstate participants. 

  • Boys Evaluations

    • Grad Years: 2021-2029
    • Fall 2020 Field
    • Box 2020/2021
    • Summer 2021

  • Girls Evaluations

    • Grad Years: 2021-2028
    • Fall 2020 Field
    • Box 2020/2021
    • Summer 2021

  • Location:

    University of Northwestern, Roseville MN

  • Date/Times:

    August 10th: (Aug 11 Backup date for weather issues)

    Boys Youth: 5:00-6:30pm

    All Girls: 6:30-8:00pm

    Boys High School: 8-9:30pm

    August 16th:

    Boys Youth: 5:00-6:30pm

    All Girls: 6:30-8:00pm

    Boys High School: 8-9:30pm

    Alternative Option- To make our student athletes feel welcome and safe we would like to provide a private isolated opportunity for athletes who may be at a health risk, have someone in the household at risk, or who feel comfortable maintaining social distancing in a 1on1 setting. We will schedule a private assessment for those interested but the athlete still must register to tryouts. After that is completed please email subject line - Alternative Option

  • Cost:

    Now-August 1st FREE (Aug 1 online registrations will receive a refund Aug 2)

    Starting August 2nd $20.00


    Every Individual will be required to have a printed and signed copy of the UNW Waiver (top right of this page) either on file at check in. If you are a returning MN SELECT player you should already have this waiver on file with us. All other participants will need to print and present this paper copy in person.

    Every participant must register through our tryout link provided. Individuals will be required to follow COVID Health and safety protocol upon arrival and while at event.  "No Touch" temp scans and check in questions will be required. Participants will not be required to wear face coverings during events, staff will be encouraged to wear coverings at times of interactions. Further guidelines can be found under our protocol link found on our home page. Spectators will not be permitted. Thank you for your support

    Questions please email to:

"I wanted to take a quick moment and thank you for The Loons' professional approach to running a program.  I work with many clubs around the country and the only groups that come close to your program's business acumen are a couple of the National groups who sponsor teams all over the country.  You are the only regional program who owns an indoor training facility, takes as much time and resources to give each and every one of their players the best opportunity to achieve their goals, and by far give the best off field experiences with the Colorado white water rafting excursions.
The MN Loons program offers the best value of any lacrosse club in the country.
The program's accomplishments are a super testimonial to the world class operation that you have built."
-Lacrosse Industry Professional

    In 2020 we all encountered challenges and faced to look at things in a different way. Since March we have been dedicated to perceiver and grow with new found strengths through creative thought, analyzing the environment for safety and security, and benefits utilizing ingenuity with our strengths. We set our to create Certainty in Uncertain Times"

    • Added Multi week zoom calls focusing on mental wellness / and personal preparation
    • Added "Loons Fusion" system of film break downs, workouts, and
    • Reduced Team dues and Refunded every player
    • Added Practices and stated early and increased to 4, 2 hour practices a week
    • Added 2.5 weeks to our summer season
    • Added multi week local games and 2020 Committed athletes to compete/compare for exposure
    • Added Livestream capabilities for NCAA coach exposure / Family viewing
    • Added daily film to our practices then uploaded to our HUDL account for NCAA coach access
    • Added NCSA accounts for management in recruitment for HS aged Athletes
    • Reduced National travel events (which ended up moving/cancelling)
    • Created COVID safety protocol for phased return
    • Created a braintrust and research group with Midwest coaches to analyze safety/events
    • Increased "U" Team events with new higher cost/quality events at no added cost.
    • Increased pay for staff for additional safety measures and responsibilities
    • Continued paying our staff through a pandemic
    • Proven and continuing results with our local film and recruitment strategy

    Starting early on in April the constant topic that would surface with parents would be the need for their children to get back on a team, back on the field and play! The mental health impact of the pandemic was unknown early on and became very prevalent as time continued. A large part of our adjusted plans focused on the involvement with additional practices, continued controlled recruitment exposure from Minnesota, and events that had a high probability of execution.

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  • How we seperate ourselves



    • "Longest running club program in the state"!
    • Year round options- Summer, Box, Fitness, Training
    • MN SELECT- selection of regions elite athletes
    • Full Time Staff. Recruitment and networking support for athletes, create individual development plans, attend coach and recruit at events.
    • Staff who has visited over 100 NCAA schools for continued education, crucial networking
    • We provide unparalleled access LTC "Loons Training Center" (with no separate fee). Indoor field training turf, Weight lifting elements, Gold room and computer studio. Every physical aspect a student athletes would need under one roof!
    • Sense of community with website/social media
    • Payment plans provided for families

    Team / Athlete Support

    • Over 20 summer practices with mini camp (Double that in 2020!)
    • All Inclusive travel high school aged teams. Hotel, transportation, meals, events
    • Trips not just tournaments. Have fun with travel, campus visits and team events. (Covid adjustment in 2020 based on safety)
    • Equal playing time at games
    • All Team gear designated to season included in dues
    • Year round recruitment support
    • Team tent, nourishments and water at events
    • Game film of events*
    • Rosters books handed out at events
    • Communication networking
    • Athlete Handbook- Terms, recruitment guide, workbook
    • HUDL access, a video/game film upload platform. Options for breakdown analytics, instructional, and highlight reels
    • NCSA Recruitment profile accounts
    • Highlight reel support


    • Full Time Staff. Recruitment and networking support for athletes, create individual development plans, attend coach and recruit at events.
    • Qualified Coaches not just people who have played, there is a difference!  Experience being NCAA Div I-III/MCLA Players, High School Head/Asst. Coaches, fathers, Youth Coaches, Box experience. Decorated staff that has won NCAA, MCLA, MSHSL Championships.
    • Proud history in continuing education and networking development. Staff attends IMLCA convention and has visited over 100 NCAA schools to continue to learn and form crucial networking avenues.
    • Progressive, aggressive and disciplined philosophy
    • Practice plans provided for each event

    *Depending upon season and age group. Youth travel is not included, and girls program does not include helmets. More team gear, and full inclusions will be provided and will be declared on that "TEAMS" page and notification upon program.