Minnesota Loons Lacrosse provides a profile for all team members on ConnectLax. ConnectLax is the most comprehensive all in one platform seen in the industry for student athletes lacrosse players.

Recruitment research and networking is integrated in a platform directly connected to the athletes. Every NCAA school and a number of MCLA/NAIA schools are also connected to the platform for direct access and messaging to an athletes profile and film

Game film and video platform is directly connected to each program, player and team. Athletes are able to tag, save and create on site highlight reels that they can then customize for a reel to place on their profile. Athletes can also upload outside film to use to make a larger reel from outside sources.

Our staff is able to connect with our athletes to better develop and service our athletes. A grading and messaging system is used for constant evaluation and goal setting built into the members profile, messages and emails updates to member and family.

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