Welcome to the Fusion Training program. Born of necessity, but built for reality, Fusion brings online individual learning and training to the next level! Our staff utilizes a combination of elements in film and personal training along with skill development to present the individual student athlete an opportunity to develop at anytime and anywhere! Keep track of your training in your Loons Student Athlete handbooks.

Film Breakdowns will be similar to what a student athlete will see in his team room with a high school or collegiate team while breakdown performance. Coaches points will be captured with voice over commentary highlighting the pros and cons. In place of using Pro or NCAA Div 1 film we are cracking open to Loons film database and highlighting competitive games within our own history so our athletes can relate with a skillset that is relatable to their own!

Progressive Fitness plan will follow our LTC Strength progressive format. Elements will be achievable from ones own living room or backyard! The progressive format will enable the student athlete to step up the routine from week to week.

Skill Set Work, along with the fitness routine will be manageable at home, your nearest wall, or even backyard or neighborhood goal. Routines will be built around the basics, but built for fun. Boring wall ball get old. Quick. This element will also be progressive and may even intertwine with other film or fitness plans. Shooting will be a bonus, and can even be achieved by using a dead tennis ball on your wall!