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Minnesota Loons Financial Consent Policy

I understand that my registration fee, deposit, and team dues are non-refundable and non-transferable, except as specifically allowed by Minnesota Loons Select Lacrosse. By participating in the Minnesota Loons Lacrosse program I/we agree and acknowledge that the participant/team member is financially responsible for the Minnesota Loons Lacrosse team/individual dues related to the position/opportunity offered by Minnesota Loons Lacrosse Program. We honor the commitment made by the athlete/participant by securing a position in the stated program/season. By providing full payment or a payment plan offered by Minnesota Loons Lacrosse and maintaining good standing by the participant, that participant has full rights to all of the opportunities of play, travel, support made available to a team member of the Minnesota Loons Lacrosse program. All events, tournaments, practices, travel, food, and lodging are preplanned and prepaid. In special scenarios (Doctor or physicians written statement of injury that would take them out of play) Minnesota Loons Lacrosse may attempt to find a substitute but is not responsible to fulfill that obligation. If a substitute is found Minnesota Loons Lacrosse may consider issuing a refund of some or all of the dues related to that event/position that has been fulfilled. It is the right and responsibility for the athlete/participant to attend agreed upon events that the team participates in.

All events will take place rain or shine. If an event is cancelled due to weather no refunds will occur.

Minnesota Loons Lacrosse values the coach to player relationship. We choose to use appropriate discretion to discuss financial policies, standings, statements, or situations with the student athletes. 

If a payment is delinquent or payment comes back declined, the athlete may not be able to participate/travel until dues are received and/or account comes to terms agreed upon by Minnesota Loons Lacrosse.

Payment plans must be paid using your online account through League Apps. Cash is not an acceptable form of payment for team dues and checks may be used only if paying in full. 


Minnesota Loons Financial Inquiry Policy:

For all Financial inquiries including payment plan info, invoices, registration dashboard issues...all inquiries must be documented in email to


As the parent or legal guardian of the participant being registered in the Minnesota Loons Select Lacrosse programs, I hereby give the Minnesota Loons Select Lacrosse program consent to the use of my child’s image by the Minnesota Loons Select Lacrosse Program for any and all purposes, including without limitation, video, still photographs, publications, and any trade or advertising purpose. Minnesota Loons Select will have permission to request my child's GPA and test scores (not from the school, but from child and parent request) to be able to pass academic/contact information along to college recruiters/coaches.

Player handbook will cover all team specific expectations and guidelines.

Programming is available seasonally for Minnesota Loons Lacrosse. Athletes will have the opportunity to participate in fall, winter, and/or summer seasons. Each season we will offer an opportunity for a payment plan for a scheduled and organized payment.

To inquire about team dues please simply contact us. We would like to take the time to explain what each team includes. For example our youth teams do not include travel, food, and lodging when our HS teams do. Depending on the association or club program different organizations include different things. From our years of experience we include everything that our student athletes need, and would be happy to share that with you in a conversation. Out of respect for our athletes, families, and prospective athletes we do not wish to have our team dues misled or misinterpreted.

-Program Director Coach Brandon Husak,


Team Scheduling Priorities: Once events and practices are mentioned and scheduled MN SELECT athletes are required to attend all events practices and tournaments unless previously approved. Out of respect for all staff and participants MN SELECT events will take priority over other lacrosse community association/team events.


Weather Cancellations: Weather or other "factor" based cancellations will be communicated through these sources of media. Twitter, Group Me, Emails, then website change if time permits. It is the responsibility of the athlete to check our sources of communication before events. Cancellations may have the possibility of being "made up" with either a lateral move, adjustment, or make up but will not be guaranteed.


Athletes Concerns: Please communicate directly with Minnesota Loons Lacrosse staff regarding problems/concerns. Discussions with parents regarding player issues must be addressed with player/staff first. If an issue needs to be further addressed a meeting will be scheduled with both a player and parent in attendance. Trust and respect between athlete/coach is crucial! Our staff will not open a discussion about another athlete`s situation.


Lines of Communication: You must be registered for the "particular Team/Program" through League Apps registration to be able to receive emails and notifications regarding that program. Parents are not to coach their player from the sidelines, please let the coaches coach. Parents/Guardians are responsible for checking emails in a timely fashion, registering for said events/tournaments when made available. Athletes are responsible for returning communication to staff/coaches.