• I am having trouble finding my emails. What do I need to do to make sure I am seeing everyhting sent?

    You may not be receiving emails due to not being fully registered for the related program. Emails are sent out to specific groups created from registrations. The email used to create that registration will be sent the emails. (how to add emails below).Please make sure you have completed all "deposit" and "team"  League Apps registrations. Once you do so, emails regarding that program will be received.

  • My community program commuicates one way, how do you communicate?


    We will send out emails through groups created in "League Apps" registrations. We will invite members to join our "Group Me" groups designated towards daily communication via app/text. The "Team Access" page will hold private information associated to our team like GroupMe and Zoom Meeting Links. We also sent out tweets and post on Instagram for visual social media shares.

  • Is this a year round team? I play other sports, what do I need to commit to?


    Great question, and we cater to all. We do offer training, and events that go year round, but its is not made mandatory. We support multi-sport student athletes and encourage them to play other sports. Athletes are presented with an invitation based on team selections or evaluations. Then the athlete is able to cater their calendar with chosen participation based on what is best for each season and their time management. Goals also come into play with this process. If you are very determined to play at the next level, then you may choose to have more participation in our recruitment events and training periods. If you are younger and play other sports like hockey, then you can participate in our summer program which begins after the winter season concludes.

  • What is the cost to play?


    Each season or option to train will have an associated team due. Inclusions like apparel, event fees, and travel fees will be included in the description of what is included to participate. Upon selection and invitation to a season the student athlete will be given the opportunity to submit a deposit which will hold that players spot. At the time, and before the deposit is made a family can inquire on what that seasons costs will be.

    Minnesota Loons Lacrosse annually includes a number of things that are necessary to compete, travel, and support student athletes that other club programs do not include. For example game film, on site nourishments, meals, travel, are items that can be included based on the season or age group. Our itineraries state what is included ahead of time for clarity. They are taken care of!

  • What is "M.O.S.T."

    An acronym for Members Only Session Time. Being apart of the Loons program comes with access to the Loons Training Facility during posted M.O.S.T. sessions. Sessions are scheduled and posted on our website calendar. During these times players have access to the LTC for on field turf training, fitness/weight room, and studio/gold rooms study and media access.

  • How can I access my NCSA account?

    Registered athletes on teams with NCSA inclusion will be sent an email invitation link to set up their account. If you cannot find your invitation email please contact your Loons coach and we will re-send your invitation.

  • Where can I find payment plan information?


    Please review The Investment page on our website, found under the About tab.

  • How can I add an email to League Apps or change other preferences?

    Yes, you are able to change your email, as well as other options by logging into your League Apps account and clicking on desired options on the right side of the page. The primary email on your child's account will be the first listed parent. 

General Questions / Rental / Training: info@mnloons.org


Recruitment Support -  Director:  Brandon Husak, 651-402-0459, bhusak@mnloons.org


  • (Boys/Girls) I missed tryouts, now what? Do I have an opportunity to particiapte?


    MN SELECT is a selective program. Not all players will be given the opportunity to "Pay to Play". We select talented and skilled players who possess the potential the potential and express the desire to improve. Evaluations can take place at determined times generally in August for the following fall, winter, and summer seasons annually. We do take applications year round for interested prospects. That form can be found under the RECRUITMENT tab above then select RECRUIT FORM.

  • Do all athletes recieve equal playing time

    Yes. Our staff is focused on coaching players on and off field therefor we will not be on the sidelines with a stopwatch. Our staff will never hold a player off the field for selective playing time. We notify our players that equal time is to be expected and we do our best to ensure that. We have the confidence that ALL of the players in our program are talented to be on the field and do not compete with an agenda to WIN AT ALL COSTS. Winning can come from different values, preparation, and gameplay!

  • I have a comment or suggestion for my childs coach. I think that "Johnny or Sally" is getting the ball too much.


    If you have a suggestion we will always have a discussion, but the student athlete must be present. Respect for all parties means they all must be present for proper lines of communication and to ensure that the message is clear to all! An athlete MUST be able to confide in their coach and ask them questions. Parents coaching from the sidelines will not be tolerated. We will never enter a discussion about another parents child. 

  • How do I gain access to my game film?

    Registered athletes on teams with HUDL inclusion will be sent an email invitation link to set up their account. If you cannot find your invitation email please contact your Loons coach and we will re-send your invitation. 

    We value game film within our program and go to great lengths to do so. We do not share game film with outside users, opponents, or parents.