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Boys MN SELET Summer of 2020 Schedule

2021 and 2022: Sweetlax Summer Invite June 20th-21, ADRLN Western Shootout July 11th-12th, NLF Championships July 17-19th

U17 and 2023: Chicago Lacrosse Cup June 22-24th, NXT Mid America June 27-28, ADRLN Western Shootout July 11th-12th

U16 and U15: Blue Ox June 20-21, NXT Mid-America June 27-28, C.S.T. Expo July 18th-19th

2024, 2025, U12: Blue Ox June 20th, 21st, NXT The Grail June 27th-28th, ADRLN Western Shootout July 11th-12th

U14 and U10: Blue Ox June 20th-21st, C.S.T. Expo July 18th-19th

*Events are subject to change and travel dates may be added to front back end of events


Boy HS Teams Practice- 2021-U15 Teams

Winter- January-February Saturdays, MLK and Presidents Day

Summer- Mini Camp June 6-7, Tues, Wed, Thurs practice June-July


Boys Youth Teams Practice 2024-U10 Teams

Spring- Presidents Day, March-May Sundays

Summer- June-July Tues, Wed, Thurs

*Practices are subjected to adjustment due to teams schudule and may include additional dates


We follow a protocol that we have created through years of experience around 3 main factors. RECRUITMENT - COST - CONFLICT.

Recruitment- the value of recruitment exposure, variety, and staff who attends the event. Our festival non recruitment events (youth).

Cost- registration or individual fee of the event, and costs incurred on travel for the event

Conflict- Time conflicts, Holidays, opposing events, and separation between events to create proper development time between events