How we play... Creative,  Aggressive,  Hybrid Concepts. Coaching Lacrosse Players, not robots!

We implement an aggressive yet discipline style of lacrosse that college coaches RAVE about! Our hybrid style of play utilizes box lacrosse tendencies as well as traditional field motions. For years we have studied these methods from collegiate coaches and utilize these methods in how we instruct high school players. We TEACH players how to be a more creative and confident player. We DO NOT teach robots. We teach Lacrosse IQ, fast decision making. Along the way we expect players to grow by seeing difficult competition and at times, making mistakes that they can learn from. As a result the athlete becomes comfortable in difficult scenarios, and excels with development while having fun. All athletes receive equal playing time opportunities.

Teams that "Travel Together". Travel and Inclusive Trips!

Since the inception of our program the Minnesota Loons have truly embraced the "Team" philosophy aspect in all we do. We train together, we travel together, we stay together, and we compete together. In 2020 we were all faced with a challenge with COVID-19 as a global pandemic. Or focus shifted to getting kids back on the field safely and adjusting our lifestyles accordingly. We were able to see our strengths come to light and the opportunity to exposure areas where we can continue to grow and provide leadership for our athletes. Looking outside of the box by utilizing creativity and ingenuity we are able to move forward by cutting some unneeded previous costs. Some events as stated will be individual travel, but we are still able to offer all inclusive events to build camaraderie and give our players the best experience! (for example a midweek event so parents dont need to take additional time off of work)As any coach would know, this dynamic creates a better team chemistry, and we wouldn't have it any other way! We follow same methods that create a better experience for our student athletes, and emulates the travel and support of a NCAA program.


(*Our youth teams may require travel with parents due to age and travel distance and the simple need for the parental support. The team will plan events and team activities as well as included food during event play)


Greatest in the Gray!

An experience that is unparalleled and unique from start to finish with our players. Behind the scenes, the supporting role, and the guidance in exploration in our players future! Time management discussions, at home Fusion Training program, professionally crafted highlight reels, film breakdown and online strategy system, a training center to call home and use! Coaches who STAY with their teams at events, create / manage team activities, staff paid by event not hourly. We are very confident in saying that our players are supported as Best in the Boutique of lacrosse club programs.

How we select our events...

We follow a protocol that we have created through years of experience around 3 main factors. RECRUITMENT - COST - CONFLICT.

Recruitment- the value of recruitment exposure, variety, and staff who attends the event. Our festival non recruitment events (youth).

Cost- registration or individual fee of the event, and costs incurred on travel for the event

Conflict- Time conflicts, Holidays, opposing events, and separation between events to create proper development time between events

Upper Classmen Teams Protocol:  RECRUITMENT - COST - CONFLICT.

These teams focus on recruitment based events. Highest completion, exposure, and value events in the country. Depth in competition against opponents for valued game film. Events where our staff has created relationships with recruiters. Regional variety with a value and a large range of exposure. Visibility to where Minnesota student athletes have committed and attended those schools in the previous year. Trip inclusions such as campus tours, regional highlights, campus stays, and other team travel points of intersts.

Under Classmen Protocol: COST- CONFLICT - RECRUITMENT

Festival and regional events. Attending events that are well organized that produce consistent competitive opponents. Regional travel that saves on costs of flights. Fun, team and family activities that surround the events with staff. Pay more for an organized well run event, pay less for family travel to attend that event.

Events can be subject to change based on circumstances that may not be made clear or those that can change based on the declared plans. Each year events can change dates, change participants, and change format. We survey our events and more year round to select the best events for our needs.


Possibly the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to your future. SET, KNOW, RESPECT and even ADJUST your expectations. With this section we will record and track your expectations as a student athlete, as well as your parent/guardian expectations.

SET- your expectations from the beginning in regards to your academics, your development, recruitment, and in your Loons Program

RESPECT- your expectations in “realistic” and goal setting achievements. Within grasp and even slightly above…remember this will change over time.

ADJUST- your expectations. Over time you will gain knowledge and gain a good sense on where you can adjust your goals. Its ok to have goals that are slightly out of reach, just remember to do your best to achieve them and you will see where your realistic expectations can be.

  • "Are you doing what it takes to get recruited to the level of lacrosse you want to play?
  • Are you sending emails, working hard off the field?
  • Are you skilled enough to play at the level you want to play?
  • Do you want a chance to play 4-3 years of college lacrosse or maybe 1-2 depending upon teams depth?
  • Are you a "Blue Chip Athlete"?" 

All of these are very fair, real world questions that come up every day in recruitment. Some of these questions may apply to you/your son, and some may not. It is important to understand and respect different opportunities that may become available to different student athletes, some of which can be controllable.

Every player MUST be able to confide in our staff. We are here to be honest, and help guide you through a development plan and a track for success. Honesty and self evaluation are ket in creating and achieving goals!