The program was originated as the "Minnesota Chill" in 2000 by Mark Hellenack. Mark is a New Jersey native who migrated to Minnesota in 1992. Coach Hellenack coached Hopkins High School (1997-2002) as well as ST. Johns University (2003-2008). The U17 Minnesota Chill was renamed the "Minnesota Lax Loons" in 2003.

From the start Mark was a key figure in Establishing lacrosse in the state of Minnesota and responsible for much of the progression along the way. He was apart of the organization with US Lacrosse, MBSLA, coaching Hopkins HS, St. Johns University, and yes the Loons. Mark has decided to move on to other things in his life and we wish the best and thank him for all he has done for the game of lacrosse in the state.

In late 2010 Brandon Husak (White Bear Lake varsity head coach) entering his 7th year of coaching for the Minnesota Loons program had the honor of taking the reins. The Loon`s continue to grow as one of the best developmental/recruit showcase programs not only in the region but well know across the country.

In 2017 Minnesota Loons Lacrosse opened the Loons Training Center. The LTC was created under three main areas of focus with field turf playing area, fitness gym, editing/study suites, and team lounge. We are proud to provide our athletes with an unparalleled training facility.

After years of demand in 2019 the Minnesota Loons Lacrosse program added girls lacrosse team programing. The teams are supported by a staff of educated coaches and teachers who have the experience of playing and coaching NCAA-Youth lacrosse across the country.

The Minnesota Loons Lacrosse program has had the honor in training and coaching boys and girls from multiple states who have gone on to attend over 120 colleges, institutions, or branches of the military.

"I wanted to take a moment today to thank you and your crew of coaches and organizers for the incredible weekend with the MN Loons in Colorado.

From the hotel choice to the hypnotist to the choice of tournament to the professional team photographer…everything was so geared towards a positive team lacrosse experience for the kids. I hope a lot of recruiters come calling for those 23 boys. They are special.

We had a great time!"

"I wanted to give a shoutout to the players you sent down to the Milwaukee area for a tournament this weekend.  My husband and I live in Mequon, WI and have two daughters (now in college) who have been active in sports for many years (synchronized figure skating, gymnastics, competitive cheer, international competitive Irish dance, field hockey (school and select) and lacrosse).  We have traveled many times with their teams and have observed all sorts of behaviors from their teammates, some very positive and others not so much.  We were out for lunch at our nearby Taco Bell this Saturday and noticed the bus in the parking lot.  Clearly the boys were choosing between Jimmy John's and Taco Bell and had found a spot to accommodate their various preferences.  The young men in the Taco Bell were reasonably quiet and respectful in the restaurant.  They were not using profanity, throwing things, running around or being otherwise disruptive.  They left as soon as their coach came for them, cleaned their area and several said good bye and thank you to the restaurant staff on their way out.  They did not leave a mess on their tables and the staff did not have a huge cleanup on their hands after they left.


Kudos to you and your organization for developing these young men into not only skilled athletes but exemplary citizens who know how to behave appropriately when they are off the playing field.  They represented your organization and their sport at a high level while traveling and interacting in the community they visited.  Many a time as a team parent I reminded my daughters and their teammates that they were the face of our organization and that they could never be sure who was sitting next to or behind them.  While I am not an official or in any position of authority, I have observed many a disrespectful young hockey player or other athlete in the ice rink and elsewhere.  I wanted you to know that you can feel confident sending these young men on the road as your representatives.  You and their parents have much to be proud of!"
"I wanted to take a quick moment and thank you for The Loons' professional approach to running a program.  I work with many clubs around the country and the only groups that come close to your program's business acumen are a couple of the National groups who sponsor teams all over the country.  You are the only regional program who owns an indoor training facility, takes as much time and resources to give each and every one of their players the best opportunity to achieve their goals, and by far give the best off field experiences with the Colorado white water rafting excursions.
The MN Loons program offers the best value of any lacrosse club in the country.
The program's accomplishments are a super testimonial to the world class operation that you have built."
-Lacrosse Industry Professional

"I just wanted to take time to let you know that our family is thankful for all that you do for your players and their families.  With three in-laws as doctors we have been all too aware of the seriousness of this pandemic and the instability it has caused.  We wanted to take the time to make sure you know that your efforts, thoughts, and inordinate amount of time you take for planning, unplanning, and re-planning are greatly appreciated!  It has been such a relief to know that you are doing everything you can to make sure our players are safe and not taking un-necessary risks. 

We also appreciate the environment you create for the boys. Our son is always so upbeat after playing and practicing and he has a big smile on his face (well, as much of a smile as a 15 year old boy can have).  You have certainly increased his love of the game!
So, again, thank you for your unparalleled efforts this past year!
Please feel free to share with all of the coaches and staff."

Loons alumni

"Playing with the loons gave me the coaching, the confidence and the exposure I needed to play lacrosse at the next level. Before the loons, I was a decent player, but playing high school lacrosse in Minnesota makes it somewhat of a challenge to get recruited to play NCAA lacrosse. From the various loons coaches I received all the help I needed to improve the skills that would get recruiters looking my way. The traveling expenses more than paid for themselves due to the scholarship I received due to the incredible exposure I got while playing for the loons. I am currently a Political Science major at Merrimack. During my first year I made the deans list and got to play in a few games taking some face-offs as well as getting some time at LSM. Without the exposure and the coaching that the loons gave me, I would never have had the ability, much less the opportunity to play at the next level."

Loons Parent

"My son has grown as a person along with becoming a more confident mature lacrosse player.  He has made many friendships with other high school players across the metro.  This makes it more interesting when they play against each other ."

Loons Parent

"The summer schedule was great, my son had a blast and his game developed. I thought that the loons program was well run and organized. One of the biggest things that I like about the program is the practices. These become key for the kids to understand the systems the loons want to use, get to know other kids, and develop their skills. We also made a lot of new friends and look forward to the possible opportunity to travel with the loons again."

Loons Parent

"I have 2 sons that have played on the Loons for 1 and 3 years respectively.  When my oldest one started I had NO IDEA what it meant to travel for lacrosse.  It was just starting as a varsity sport in the high school and  no one else had ever done anything like this.  It was a great and eye opening experience for all of us.  Both the boys have traveled to camps and tournaments that they would not have had the chance to - had it not been for the Loons.  My oldest son has received information and invitations from college coaches all over - as they had watched him play at these high level tournaments.  That kind of exposure is very important if playing college lacrosse is what you want to do.  The coaches were always an email or a phone call away to answer his questions regarding recruiting and what to say and not say to the coaches. This was important as it was a new process for all of us. The Loons have provided great experiences and opportunities to the boys."

"This is by far the best run program, with the greatest opportunity for our son to associate with the highest caliber coaches, teammates and tournaments that exists in the state of Minnesota.  The practices were where the accelerated learning took place and the tournaments were the places the boys could really shine!  Great job Brandon and all the rest of the coaching staff! "



"I was very pleased with the organization and coaching. Always very positive and respectful. My son made some big strides and he truly loves training , traveling and being a part of the loons. We have been a part of other clubs in the past and i would say that your doing things right. All the training, practice time, and coaching is what really sets you apart from the pack."

"MN Loons is an excellent program that takes your child to the next level.  They work on technical skills, focus on specific positions and help your child get a better awareness of the other players on the field."

"Playing with the Minnesota Loons gave my son the exposure to the coaching and teammates needed to play lacrosse at the next level. After playing for the Loons we noticed a big jump in his skills and confidence. The Loons coaching staff was nothing short of excellent. With the exposure and the coaching of the Loons, I believe he has the best chance to have the opportunity to play at the next level."

“Traveling around the country with the Loons was a great experience in seeing different styles of play from east and west coast. It turned me into a great player for the following high school season with my skills, not just with me stick work, but also with vision and awareness. It was great for getting me to the next level of lacrosse. I ended up at the University of Concordia-Wisconsin which is a dIII program located in the suburbs outside of Milwaukee. I never would have made it here without the Loons!”

"My time with loons was one of the best summers of my life, I got to meet an extraordinary group of guys. Most of which whom I still keep in touch with and see on occasion. Beyond this I learned more about lacrosse in that summer than at any other period of my playing career. The coaches were great, very knowledgeable, and the trips were fun beyond my expectations!"

"Having the privilege to represent Minnesota while also traveling to play lacrosse, is one experience that I will never forget. You become a better player by playing against the best of the best. After my first season with the loons I came back with so much more skill, and experience. Playing with the loons is one thing about my lacrosse career I wouldn't change."

"Thanks for having Sam on the team. Sam Has some nice schools identified who have interest in him as a lacrosse player, and we know that without the Loons he wouldn’t have gotten this exposure."