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Individual Events and Showcases

Below is a list of individual events or showcases that we endorse or suggest our athletes consider based on experience, value, event host, and potential outcome for recruitment experience and overall success. There certainly could be more on this list that are of great value. If you are looking into an event, or have a event to suggest please do not hesitate to reach out!

Within this process of searching for events questions need to be asked:

  • What is the history of collegiate staff attendance, talent of players in attendance, success of attending players moving on to the next level.
  • What are the times, costs, and other known conflicts of event?
  • How many players attend the event, and application process "Selective"?
  • Does the event include contact athlete contact info to attending coaches?
  • Who runs the event. Paid medical staff, field workers for each field, provided water/facility? Much of this can be seen on promo/social media
  • The majority if not almost all of the players at a high calibre event are apart of a club team. What teams attend, and are you just a number in the entire mix?




Boys Events-



The Individual showcase day will take place the day before our team events for the 2021 and 2022 team. Discount codes for $50 off are Loons2021 and Loons2022. If you are interested in this event please fill our the submission asap, spots limited


ADRLN Western Showcase

The Individual showcase day will take place the day before our team events for the 2021, 2022, U17, and 2023 teams. The event will take place at the same site at the ADRLN Western Shootout which will take place the following day at the USAFA. MN SELECT has a discounted entry opportunity

20% Discount Code: SHOWCASELOONS20