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    Minnesota Loons Lacrosse is excited to announce our 2017 Fall and 2018 Summer Tryout Sessions. As an (optional) year round program we offer seasonal opportunities for student athletes to train with our coaching staff and compete against some of the best players in North America. Our fall tournament team, and winter training sessions serve as our year round training platform, but we also encourage our players to participate in other sports and focus on academics. 

    The tournaments we attend provide an opportunity for our players to be seen by almost every NCAA program in the country, often multiple times. Our younger age group programs focus on development while keeping costs low, while not creating a conflict and allowing players to participate within local community programs.

      Our staff is extremely knowledgeable, featuring HS head coaches, local college coaches, and top current and former NCAA players taught by the best minds in the game. Our staff has had the experience both in being recruited themselves and playing on the game’s biggest stage winning National Championships, and State Championships. Our program sets itself apart, creating a unique chemistry with our players by spending time with them on the field, off of the field in our office, whitewater rafting on our Colorado trip, and on campus tours.  With the Loons, student-athletes are empowered by being supported off of the field with decision making in the college and recruitment process, develop leadership and responsibility, and have the time of their lives along the way. 

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    Minnesota Loons Lacrosse

    The Minnesota Loons provides talented high school players exposure to NCAA recruits, premiere showcase competition across the country and coaching to take thier game to the next level. We encourage our athletes to have a strong work ethic and provide a competitive and comfortable environment to do so. Our goal is to not only improve and develop lacrosse skills, technique, and know how; but also to help develop a strong work ethic for Minnesota`s youth and have them "Set their Sights" on their future and inspire on and off the field!

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