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The Primary Evaluation Dates for both Boys High School and Boys Youth players will take place July 26th, July 27th, and August 1st. For All Girls, the dates will be July 27th and August 1st.

Evaluations will take place in a camp-like tryout setting led by NCAA Coaches and Minnesota Loons Lacrosse staff! Our focus is to provide a competitive environment but also an opportunity to learn from different coaches. College coaches will lead athletes through drills, and Loons coaches will evaluate players` performance.

These evaluations are a tryout. They will serve as a tryout open to all student athletes for a year round opportunity for Minnesota Loons Select Lacrosse. Members are chosen for Fall, Winter, and Summer opportunities to participate. Selected athletes will be offered a position for Summer 2024 (excluding 2024 grad year athletes, 2023 Fall only) Teams ranging from Elite level recruitment teams, to regional / developmental teams.

We have the most unique selection of summer events that is second to none. Events that serve the full spectrum of recruitment, competition, value, family experience, and fun!


  • Dedicated, personal, and professional relationship with our student athletes and staff
  • Campus Stay Events
  • Top Recruitment Events
  • All Inclusive High School Event
  • Exclusive "Project Midwest" Events/Network
  • Highest concentration of coaches at practices/events found in Minnesota including specialized FO/Goalie coaches.
  • Dedicated 4K Highlight Film for top tier teams
  • Included access to Loons Training Center
  • Full Time experienced staff
  • Hybrid style of offensive play, and aggressive defensive tactics building creative, confident, coachable athletes.
  • Leading concepts, methodology, and progressive training unique to the Loons
  • Loons Training Center M.O.S.T. access- Train / Support / Fitness no added fee
  • Most successful lacrosse recruitment program in Minnesota. Student athletes attending, playing lacrosse, and finding the best fit for THEM at 130+ institutions in nearly 20 years!
  • Date/Times:

    Do I have to attend every session? We offer a variety of sessions to accommodate to peoples schedule/conflict by offering multiple hours of evaluation. We do recommend prioritizing the opportunity based on reps, coaching, visibility and overall value. There is a prompt within registration that will ask which sessions will be attended. Welcome to attend all. Invitations will begin on the 27th and continue through August 1st for a variety of teams. 

    July 26th - PRIMARY: 

    6:00pm-7:30pm- Boys 2024-2027 (arrive 5:30pm for check in)

    8:00pm-9:30pm- Boys 2028-2032 (arrive 7:30pm for check in)

    July 27th - PRIMARY: 

    8:00am- 9:30am Girls All Ages (arrive 7:40am for check in)

    9:00am-10:30am Boys 2024-2027 (arrive 8:30am for check in)

    10:45am-12:15pm Boys 2028-2032 (arrive 10:15am for check in)

    August 1st:  (please arrive 20 minutes prior for check in)

    5:00pm-6:30pm Girls All Ages 

    5:00pm-6:30pm Boys High School 2024-2027 

    6:45pm-8:15pm Boys Youth 2028-2032

    Times may subject to change/adjustment due to weather.

    Selections will be made after evaluations. Invitations will be sent extended with a commitment opportunity. Commitment registration will require a deposit to be used towards dues.

    Please ask for any other additional information to get potential members fully up to speed and ready to commit   info@mnloons.org

  • Location:

    University of Northwestern. 3003 Snelling Ave. North, Reynolds Field, St Paul, MN 55113


    Selections being made for:

    • Graduation year Elite level teams = Highest calibre / selection of events
    • Mixed age group Regional teams = Regional events 


    Graduation years



    Graduation years


    (2024 Grad year athletes Fall/Winter Only)





  • Member of Minnesota Loons Lacrosse and annual staff support, guidance, and access to Loons Training center. Deposit to lock in Team position.
  • Team App- Messaging, News, Events, Chat account for Team- "Minnesota Loons Lacrosse"
  • Sports Recruits registration, access, recruiting, and film on site.
  • Team practice jersey, shooter shirt, shorts, sweatshirt
  • 25% off all in house optional training
  • First option to attend events and full year round team placement
  • Administration fees


All selected Loons team members will be required to pay Team Fees which include:

  • Practices (Offseason and Summer)
  • Team Gear. Game jersey, Helmet (Boys) Bag (Girls)
  • Coaching/Instruction on and off field support
  • Participation in Tournaments. Event Fees.
  • High School All-Inclusive Tournament. Travel, Food, Lodging
  • High School game film from Tournaments

Optional / Seasonal:

  • Fall Training- "Elite Training Sessions"
  • Loons Box
  • Winter Training- "Elite Training Sessions"

Payment plans: A deposit will be required upon selection and payment plans made available for remaining dues.

  • How we seperate ourselves



    • "Longest running club program in the state"!
    • Year round options- Summer, Box, Fitness, Training
    • MN SELECT- selection of regions elite athletes
    • Full Time Staff. Recruitment and networking support for athletes, create individual development plans, attend coach and recruit at events.
    • Staff who has visited over 100 NCAA schools for continued education, crucial networking
    • We provide unparalleled access LTC "Loons Training Center" (with no separate fee). Indoor field training turf, Weight lifting elements, Gold room and computer studio. Every physical aspect a student athletes would need under one roof!
    • Sense of community with website/social media
    • Payment plans provided for families


    Team / Athlete Support

    • Over 20 summer practices with mini camp 
    • All Inclusive travel high school aged teams. Hotel, transportation, meals, events
    • Trips not just tournaments. Have fun with travel, campus visits and team events. (Covid adjustment in 2020 based on safety)
    • Equal playing time at games
    • All Team gear designated to season included in dues
    • Year round recruitment support
    • Team tent, nourishments and water at events
    • Game film of events*
    • Rosters books handed out at events
    • Communication networking
    • Athlete Handbook- Terms, recruitment guide, workbook
    • Connectlax access, a video/game film upload platform. Options for breakdown analytics, instructional, and highlight reels
    • Highlight reel support


    • Full Time Staff. Recruitment and networking support for athletes, create individual development plans, attend coach and recruit at events.
    • Qualified Coaches not just people who have played, there is a difference!  Experience being NCAA Div I-III/MCLA Players, High School Head/Asst. Coaches, fathers, Youth Coaches, Box experience. Decorated staff that has won NCAA, MCLA, MSHSL Championships.
    • Proud history in continuing education and networking development. Staff attends IMLCA convention and has visited over 100 NCAA schools to continue to learn and form crucial networking avenues.
    • Progressive, aggressive and disciplined philosophy
    • Practice plans provided for each event

    *Depending upon season and age group. Youth travel is not included, and girls program does not include helmets. More team gear, and full inclusions will be provided and will be declared on that "TEAMS" page and notification upon program.

"I wanted to take a moment today to thank you and your crew of coaches and organizers for the incredible weekend with the MN Loons in Colorado.

From the hotel choice to the hypnotist to the choice of tournament to the professional team photographer…everything was so geared towards a positive team lacrosse experience for the kids. I hope a lot of recruiters come calling for those 23 boys. They are special.

We had a great time!"

See our DNA!
  • NEW Team Fee Structure. Reduced Fees

    Focused on providing the most affordable club lacrosse program with the greatest experience!

    The option to cater to each individual/family as a full time member, be flexible with seasonal participation!

    We are focused on supporting and developing each individual student athlete. Year round training is not required. Students have a full plate with seasonal sports and academics. We have the option for athletes to add programming if they desire and utilize the Loons Training Center on their own time!

    New options include 

    • Optional Fall "Elite Training Sessions"
    • Optional "Loons Box"
    • Reduced team fees compared to previous years and other clubs required year round practices
    • More "Members Only Session Time" M.O.S.T.  to train at no added cost!


    • Invite/Join as Minnesota Loons Team Member.
    • Members required to participate/commit to Minnesota Loons 2024 Summer Member Events.
    • Option to add Staff led programming, reduced fee
    • Option to add Seasonal Events
    • Same year round member support, guidance/coaching,  access to LTC
"I wanted to take a quick moment and thank you for The Loons' professional approach to running a program.  I work with many clubs around the country and the only groups that come close to your program's business acumen are a couple of the National groups who sponsor teams all over the country.  You are the only regional program who owns an indoor training facility, takes as much time and resources to give each and every one of their players the best opportunity to achieve their goals, and by far give the best off field experiences with the Colorado white water rafting excursions.
The MN Loons program offers the best value of any lacrosse club in the country.
The program's accomplishments are a super testimonial to the world class operation that you have built."
-Lacrosse Industry Professional