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  • Minnesota Loons Lacrosse COVID-19 Statement

    March 11th  1:55pm (closing at 4pm)-

    Due to circumstances with the COVID-19 virus Minnesota Loons Lacrosse will be suspending currently team activity, programming, rentals, and access to the Loons Training Center until further notice.

    This situation is clearly unfortunate. We are lacrosse coaches, not health care professionals. We are taking advice from the CDC, State Health organization and following suite from guidance from professionals on best practice to safely conduct operations. In our opinion, at this current time with universities moving to online classes only, NCAA programs halting play, and a very large amount of youth who are/or going to be traveling for spring break that it is just simply not worth any sort of risk for our participants or guests. 

    When it comes time to resume operations we will notify our participants immediately. Adjustments with registrations and programming will be made to those currently using the Loons Training Center. 

    Thank you. -Minnesota Loons Lacrosse Staff

Adjustments for COVID-19

See how we have made adjustments for events based on COVID-19 findings, research, and values that pertain to our athletes safety and success

We are very pleased to share our plan with you based on our research and efforts in creating a successful, safe, and exciting summer lacrosse program. Priorities have come to the forefront that have shed light on areas where we can better support our student-athletes in creative recruitment strategies, additional training, and great events that give our kids a chance to compete. Through our years of experience, challenges presented with COVID, collaborations with coaches and advisors, and even recent findings we are confident that this is the best plan for Minnesota lacrosse players on this date May 11th, 2020.

  • Events that avoid nation wide exposure to areas of concern
  • Opportunity to refund a portion of dues to all members
  • Avoid airfare and extended out of region travel
  • Focus on Midwest travel which helps reduce costs
  • Events have more probability to be run at a same time and a safe manor
  • Events that are not mass populated and have control factors within reason
  • Tournaments that value NCAA recruitment and ensure the highest likely outcome based on planning/support
  • Tournaments that known opponents will plan to attend
  • Events host by "like minded organizations"
  • Events that are non conflicting based on rescheduled dates